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Monday: 5 p.m. once a month

Monday seminars will be announced on the MITIE and COSINE websites. Presentations will be archived on the websites on demand.

Goal and Background: MITIE is a comprehensive education and research institute. Its educational mission is to support health care professionals maintain excellent clinical skills and acquire new ones. The goals of MITIE are to improve patient safety through education and to conduct research on skills acquisition, technology development and procedural innovation.

To optimize the research initiatives of investigators of the TMHRI, University of Houston, and other institutions affiliated with the Methodist Hospital and MITIE, and to leverage the unique platform MITIE offers to investigators of many disciplines, we propose this seminar is to catalyze collaboration between computational scientists and surgeons to advance concrete applications in surgery.

For initial discussion, two major directions of research are proposed, as follows:

(i) Define the new concept of Cyber-Infrastructure in the OR: How do we optimize the integration of procedural technologies, informatics and human factors to maximize performance in the operating room/procedural suite? Possible ares of investigation include:

  • OR awareness
  • OR team training and performance
  • Computer assisted design of surgical procedures
  • Surgical Informatics and data display
  • Surgery and Artifical Intelligence
  • Surgery and Pattern Recognition
  • Surgery and Augmented Visualization
  • Etc...

(ii) Define and develop the discipline of Computational Surgery to improve the process and outcomes of surgery

  • Modeling and Simulation to predict surgical outcomes
  • Real time simulation to augment OR procedures
  • Design of new medical devices to meet procedural needs
  • Integration of patient specific data to procedural planning and outcomes
  • Multi-scale modeling of surgical disease
  • Modeling of clinical trial design
  • Etc...

This seminar will encourage the planning of large joint proposal applications, offer a competitive intramural seed grant funding opportunity, and contribute to the multi-site NSF industry-academic center program.

Each session will feature a 40 minute lecture by a speaker or research team. The goal is to identify projects that can be strengthened by use of the MITIE infrastructure (operating rooms, AV integration with clinical environments, simulation, robotics) and that will fundamentally advance procedural interventions for patients.

The seminar will be followed by an informal social event at Trevisio's from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

MTRSurg@MITIE conference coordinating group: Brian Dunkin, Marc Garbey, Milos Kojic

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